Information Collection Statement

Tyco Australia Pty Limited ABN 80008399004 trading as Simplex Fire Products respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.

The Privacy Act requires us to tell you when we collect personal information and how we will use it. Personal information is information about you, such as your name and address (not information about the organisation for which you work). We generally collect and use the personal information we need to provide and market our services to business, provide customer support, purchase products and services from you and the organisation for which you work.

We have recorded your details so we can contact you in future. We may use your information to send you our publications, invite you to functions or activities and inform you of any new or upcoming products and services If you do not wish to receive this information, just let us know by contacting the Simplex Fire Products customer service centre on 1300 552 559.

Simplex Fire Products shares personal information with its related companies in the Tyco Group both in and outside Australia. The sorts of organisations outside the Tyco Group to which we typically disclose personal information include the following:

(a) service providers such as mailing houses, printers, internet support services, auditors, debt collection agencies, process servers, lawyers etc.

(b) organisations other than service providers and Tyco Group companies to which the Division commonly discloses information relating to the individual, or types of individuals, to which this statement will be given e.g., “state government licensing authorities”.

This is not a complete list – there will be others which are less common or which you have been told.

You can access most personal information that Simplex Fire Products holds about you. Sometimes that will not be possible but if that is the case you will be told why and a fee may apply. If at any time your details change or you would like to access your personal information please contact us by contacting the Simplex Fire Products customer service centre on 1300 552 559.