Alarm Acknowledge Modules

AAM2 Alarm Acknowledge Module

The AAM2 Alarm Acknowledge Module provides a facility to locally annunciate a smoke/CO detector alarm, and for the occupant to acknowledge and clear a false fire alarm without the fire brigade being called. The AAM2 has no sounder and is used with a detector mounted in a sounder base. The AAM2 is usually installed in a single occupancy unit (apartment, flat or single-person’s quarters) along with 1 or more non-latching smoke/CO fire detectors. When an alarm is detected the sounder in the detector base and the red LED in the AAM2 operate and the occupant has (typically) 30 seconds to acknowledge the alarm. This starts a further time delay (typically 1-3 minutes), during which they must clear the smoke to avoid calling the fire brigade. If either time delay elapses and smoke is still present, then the fire panel goes into alarm and the brigade is called. As standard the AAM2 comes without a face plate, these must be ordered separately. Two different face plates are currently available: The AAM2 is compatible with the MX4428/F4000 and Simplex 4100 FIPs. Refer to LT0304, AAM2 Installation Instructions.


  • Operating Voltage 2-28Vdc
  • Quiescent Current 0μA
  • LED Current 2-20mA
  • Operating Temperature -5°C to +45°C
  • Operating Humidity 10% to 95% R.H (n/cond)
  • Weight (typical) 100g
  • Approvals CSIRO FTS-136
  • Time Limit Panel Programmable


The AAM2 can be used with the FA2317 face plate for general alarm indication, annunciation and acknowledgement, eg, a Nurses Station. The FA2317 face plate has text labelling “Press to Acknowledge Fire Alarm”. The AAM2 can be wired up to the fire panel so the LED lights on alarm and an external sounder operates as well. Pressing the button silences the buzzer and turns off the LED.

Part Number

  • FP0894 Alarm Acknowledge Module AAM2 with FA2317 Faceplate


The AAM2 can be used with the FA2318 face plate to make an Alarm Acknowledgement Module, as FA2318 contains the additional text information and space for the investigation time to be filled in on-site. The AAM allows the resident of a Sole Occupancy Unit (SOU) or apartment to acknowledge and clear a false fire alarm without the fire brigade being called.

Part Number

  • FP0895 Alarm Acknowledge Module AAM2 with FA2318 Faceplate


AAM2 Alarm Acknowledge Module (no sounder) is the basis for the AAM2. It comprises a blank faceplate and backplate with PCB. A faceplate with the required text is added to make up an AAM2 ki. The complete AAM2 unit is ordered as either FP0894 or FP0895.