Audio Visual Indicator - FP0853 AVI MK2 2 LINE RED

Shown with FA2301 Facia

The AVI Mk2 is an illuminated warning sign that produces distinct audible and visual indication of an emergency. It is designed for use with fire alarm or gaseous fire extinguishing systems, or other applications where clear audio-visual warning is required. On activation, the AVI’s internal LEDs illuminate the lettering on the 2 or 3 line sign faceplate/s and the internal loudspeaker produces either ISO 8201 or AS 2220 audible warning signals. The internal speaker has a link selectable Quiet option that reduces the tone volume by 10dB.

Configuration Options
Illumination of the top and bottom sign sections and selection of the tones to be used is field programmable using internal links. This way, the AVI can readily display either two-stage or alternate warnings. Up to four lines of text may be accommodated on the faceplate, although use of two or three lines is standard. For situations with low ambient light, the sign illumination can be reduced by removing a resistor in each LED Board driver. This also reduces current consumption. Expansion options include an LED board kit to convert a red 2-line unit to 3-line and a back-box kit to expand a red 2-line unit to ceiling mounted, double sided format.

Several AVIs may be synchronised by connecting the ‘Sync’ terminals (an additional wire is required between units).


  • Operating Voltage: 19 to 28Vdc
  • Current: (@24Vdc)
  • 1 Line & tone: 45mA
  • 2 Lines & tone: 62mA
  • 3 Lines & tone: 80mA
  • 4 Lines & tone: 97mA
  • Luminance: 300cd/m2 - 1Hz Flash
  • Sound Pressure: 90dBA @ 1m axial
  • Dimensions (HWD): 206x316x85 mm
  • Designed to comply with AS1603.11

Part Numbers

  • FP0853 AVI Mk2 2 line red
  • FP0854 AVI Mk2 3 line yellow
  • KT0292* Exp Kit: red LED PCB + hardware
  • KT0293** Expansion Kit: red double sided
  • FA2300 ‘FIRE ALARM EVACUATE AREA’ 2 line red
  • FA2301 ‘FIRE ALARM DO NOT ENTER’ 2 line red
  • FA2302 ‘DO NOT ENTER CO2 GAS DISCHARGED’ 3 line red
  • FA2303 ‘DO NOT ENTER FM-200 GAS DISCHARGED’ 3 line red
  • FA2306 ‘CO2 SYSTEM INOPERATIVE’ 3 line yellow
  • FA2307 ‘FM-200 SYSTEM INOPERATIVE’ 3 line yellow
  • FA2308 ‘INERGEN SYSTEM INOPERATIVE’ 3 line yellow
  • FA2310 ‘WARNING FIRE DOOR CLOSING’ 3 line red

*adds a 3rd LED board to make 3 line red sign
** adds 2nd cover & base with 2 LED boards for ceiling
mounted double sided 2 line red sign