The VIGILANT Building Occupant Warning System (BOWS) range has been enhanced by the addition of a 200W (2 x 100W output) version.

The VIGILANT Building Occupant Warning System (BOWS) is a self-contained AS 2220 or ISO 8201 Alert and Evacuate tone generator, with integral power supply, digitised speech messages, and PA microphone. It has been designed to connect directly to a fire alarm panel, and can also be used as a stand-alone unit.

Non-emergency paging options, IP remote audio compatibility, and multiple audio inputs make the VIGILANT BOWS a versatile base unit for a variety of applications.

  • Self-contained Occupant Warning System suits multiple applications
  • Available in 50W, 100W and 200W (2 x 100W) versions
  • 50W version is field-expandable to 2 x 50W outputs
  • Emergency PA microphone, Auto/Isolate/Evacuate controls
  • Front panel indications: Power, Alarm, Isolate, Audio Fault, Power Supply Fault
  • Zone Paging options – up to 4 separately-selectable speaker zones
  • 4-zone remote paging microphone/console option
  • Optional 4-way paging selector switch for in-built microphone
  • Background music and Remote Audio (line level) inputs
  • Compatible with VIGILANT IP remote audio solutions for larger sites
  • Selectable priority for Paging/Remote/Background Audio inputs
  • Alarm input and Fault output signals for fire panel connection
  • Programmable Alert to Evacuate delay (0-600sec or manual)
  • Pre-recorded Alert and Evacuate messages, field re-recordable for flexibility
  • Integral Power Supply with fault supervision (will power fully-loaded system)
  • Space for 2 x 17 Ah batteries – 2 x 40Ah for 200W version (ample for 24h standby/1h alarm on a fully loaded system)
  • 8U 19" rack cabinet: 440mm H x 550mm W x 210mm D (50W/100W)
  • 18U 19” rack cabinet: 885mm H x 575mm W x 380mm D (200W)


Installation & Operator's Manual
Paging Options Installation Guide
IP Networking User Manual