• The QE90 EWIS can be configured with different tones either complying to the old AS2220 standard usually reserved for existing sites or the new AS1670.4 Sound system for emergency purposes.
  • The QE90 can also be configured with standard or customised voice messaging to suit specific evacuation requirements.
  • Some samples of the QE90 tones are shown below
  • Alert sound this is as per the OLD AS2220 tones however it is allowed for use in a new 1670.4 system if staged evacuation is required.
  • Evacuation and voice is the old AS220 Evacuation tones
  • Verbal QE90 tones are the new AS1670.4 ISO T3 tones with standard voice messages
  • Verbal 118 are the new AS1690.4 ISO T3 tones with standard voice message and extra instructions “evacuate as directed” incorporated

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Alert Sound
Evacuation and Voice Sound
Verbal - QE90
Verbal - 118