4100ES-S1 Fire Detection Panel

The 4100U-S1 is a cost competitive low end addressable system that is supplied off the shelf and is based on the established power and flexibility of the Simplex 4100 series of products. The 4100U-S1 supports a full range of addressable devices and is ideally suited to 1 to 2 loop installations such as nursing homes, offices, factories, small shopping centres, or SIPs on network sites such as a university campus or large industrial site.

Basic System Comprises:

  • In-built IDNet addressable loop driver
  • 9 Amp power supply/battery charger
  • 250 addressable devices per IDNet loop
  • Wide range of addressable devices - detectors, sounder bases, input/output modules and 4-20mA analogue input module
  • Expansion to 2 x IDNet addressable loops with a maximum capacity of 500 addressable points
  • On-site programmable for a wide variety of applications with upload/download facility
  • Networkable into large systems
  • Supplied with 16 x AZF zone controls & LED indications. Expandable to 64 x AZF controls or a combination with AS 1668 controls and indications


4100ES-S1 Brochure
4100ES-S1 Data Sheet
SSL Approval
Operators Manual
Installation Manual
S1 Brigade Kit Installation Manual
 Programming Manual
 Simplex Family Brochure