4100U Fire Detection Panel

The Simplex 4100U is an analogue addressable fire alarm system that supports up to 2,000 analogue addressable points, and has enhanced features. The IDNet card can have up to 250 points per addressable loop. The miniplex and networking facilities allow distribution of the system throughout buildings and across a large site. Existing Simplex 4100 systems can be upgraded to benefit from the expanded system capacity, new features, and AS4428.1 compliance.

Basic System Comprises:

  • Powerful CPU and memory; up to 2,000 analogue addressable points.
  • Easy expansion with addressable loops and conventional zone cards
  • IDNet analogue loop driver supports 250 addressable devices.
  • Wide range of addressable devices - detectors, sounder bases, input/output modules, and existing MAPNET detectors and devices.
  • User interface includes user-programmable keys and LEDs.
  • LED/Pushbutton switch modules with programmable functions, e.g. zone Alarm and Isolate LEDs with Isolate switch.
  • AS1668 Fan control module (4 fans) with rotary switches and LEDs.
  • Expansion via Card Bays supporting eight 4" x 5" format cards or 4100 (legacy) motherboards and daughter cards.
  • Remote miniplex configuration using 4" x 5" Transponder Interface Card or 4100 RIC
  • Networkable into large systems using RS485 or fibre-optic ring
  • 9A System Power Supply (SPS) includes built-in IDNet analogue loop driver
  • Optional RS232 interfaces for graphics, remote printers or terminal
  • Four operator access levels
  • 600 event historical log
  • Windows-based programmer provides extensive features, including output logic, network operation and annunciation
  • Internet Interface Card available for remote access via client LAN
  • High level links BMS & EWIS - QE90, BACNET
  • 19" rack compatible cabinet range
  • SSL listed to AS4428.1 (afp1682)


4100U Brochure
Engineering Specifications
Technical Data Sheet
SSL Aproval
Fire Control Panel
LCD Annuniators
Miniplex Transponders
Operators Manual
Installation Manual
 Programming Manual