4100+ Fire Detection Panel

The Simplex 4100/4120 is an analogue addressable fire alarm system that provides extensive and powerful features to satisfy a wide variety of applications and site requirements. On-site programmability allows mapping logic for inputs and outputs, custom labelling, and later revisions. Detector and control point expansion is available up to 1000 points. For quantities exceeding this, multiple panels can be networked together to form a 4120 network system.

Basic System Comprises:

  • Easy expansion with addressable loop and conventional zone cards
  • On-site programmable for a wide variety of applications
  • Supports conventional detector inputs and MAPNET and MX analogue addressable loops
  • 127 devices per MAPNET loop, 250 devices per MX loop
  • Up to 10 loops per 4100, 1000 points in total
  • Wide range of addressable devices - detectors, sounder bases, input/output modules, 4-20mA analogue input
  • Remote MINIPLEX Transponders and serial annunciators
  • Networkable into large systems (4 networks of 99 panels)
  • Dial-in service modem (option)
  • RS232 interfaces for graphics command centre, remote printers or CRT Keyboard terminal
  • Panel mount printer (option)
  • Four operator access levels
  • 600 event historical log
  • Walk test and individual point disconnect/disable
  • Programmable alarm verification, output logic control, alarm thresholds, network operation and annunciation
  • Internet Interface Card available for remote access via client LAN
  • Optional voice communication and fire fighter's phone
  • High level links to EWIS, BMS, etc
  • 19" rack compatible cabinet range
  • SSL listed to AS1603.4 and AS4428.1 (afp1165)


4100+ data sheet
Engineering Specifications
SSL Aproval


AS1603.4 Operator Manual 4100-M001
AS1603.4 Installation Manual 4100-M002
AS4428.1 Operator's Manual 579-314
AS4428.1 Installation Manual 579-315
EWIS Operator's Manual 4100-M010A
EWIS Operator's Manual-M011