4120 Networks

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The Simplex 4120 network can connect all types of Simplex 4100 panels together from the 4100+ to the new 4100ES over one single network or several network rings into one central monitoring point. Information is communicated along an extremely fast peer-to-peer network which allows for signal regeneration at each panel, thereby producing a system which can run over 100s of km over a single network ring. Some of our network features include:

- Network-wide initiation of alarm silence, acknowledge, reset, and sensor sensitivity
- Distributed system operation to ensure survivability
- Set-host access for remote panel data
- Network media choice: copper, fibre-optic or communication over TCP/IP
- Network distances of 3 to 30km between each panel depending on media used
- Over 680 panels can be configured on one network system
- Up to 7 network loops can be configured on a site to ensure survivability and redundancy
- Remote off site monitoring of network systems
- Full control of network panels using TSW graphics workstation
- Remote TSW clients can be configured over clients own LAN


SSL Approval
4120 Specifications
Fibre Optic Audio
Fibre Optic Modem
Network Bridge
Network Display Unit
Network Processing Unit
Network Interface Options
Network System Description