F3200 8-Zone Fire Detection Panel

The 8-zone F3200 is an advanced, microprocessor based conventional fire indicator panel, which provides economical and reliable monitoring and control for 8 fire detection zones. Its flexible input monitoring, and its extensive field programming facilities make it suitable for a wide range of fire protection applications including fire detection, fire suppression, and ventilation control.

Basic System Comprises:

  • Compact 8-zone configuration
  • Wide conventional detector compatibility including IS types
  • Flow switch monitoring and remote testing
  • AS 1668 air-handling, smoke detection and control
  • Comprehensive test facilities including automatic self tests
  • LCD control panel with zone description text
  • Field programmable using front panel keypad
  • Powerful boolean logic functions for controlling outputs
  • Supervised outputs for bell, warning system, doorholders
  • Remote repeater panels, mimics and/or colour graphics displays
  • Logging printer output
  • Network communications option
  • High level interface for EWIS, BMS, etc.
  • Integral 3A battery charger
  • Compact and attractive cabinet with 19" rack options
  • Cabinet dimensions: 440h x 550w x 230d
  • Complies with AS4428.1 fire alarm standards
  • SSL listing number afp-789


F3200 8-Zone Brochure
Engineering Specifications
SSL Aproval
Remote Display Unit Brochure


AS1603.4 Operator Manual
AS1603.4 Installation and Programming Manual
AS4428.1 Operator Manual
AS4428.1 Installation and Configuration Manual
AS1603.4 Programming Manual
AS1603.4 Technical Manual