VESDA® Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems
VESDA Laser PLUS is a highly sensitive aspirator smoke detector system designed to provide the earliest warning of a potential fire.

Early warning of a fire buys time to investigate and intervene, potentially avoiding the damage, downtime and cost of releasing a suppression agent.

The VESDA system is a capable of detecting fires from , 0.0015 – 30.0% Obs/m. and can provide solutions for a diverse group of applications, ranging from small areas, or cabinets to large open spaces.
VESDA LaserINDUSTRIAL (VLI) data sheet
VESDA LaserFOCUS 250 data sheet
VESDA LaserFOCUS 500 Data sheet
Display Modules Datasheet

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Smoke Detection in Clean rooms brochure
large open spaces documentation
Smoke Detection on Trains brochure

4100 Interfaces
Addressable VESDA datasheet
VESDA High Level Interface